How to Create a New Google Account in Easy Steps


Are you looking for a quick guide that will help you to create a Google account in minutes?


Then you are in the right place.  This simple guide will help you to set up your Google account in a couple of minutes.  By signing into a new Google account with a single username and password, you can start using all the services offered by web giant like Google Play Store, Google Drive, Chrome, Gmail, etc.


Step 1


Get started by opening a Google sign-in page using the link  You will be presented with the sign in page of the Google which will prompt you to create a new account or to sign in if you already have a Google account.


Fill up with the required information like first name, last name, username, and password. The username you choose will also be used in other platforms like Gmail, YouTube, and other Google accounts. Your username will be like”[email protected]”. As your password is case sensitive, be smart in choosing your password and use a combination of symbols, capital letters, and numbers in your password. Reconfirm your password and click on “Next”.


Step 2



Providing an alternate Recovery email address and phone number are optional fields.  Fill in your date of birth and Gender. It is required to enter  Recovery email address as this will be handy in case you are not accessible to your account and your mobile phone number to synchronize all your contacts, photos and other details of the phone. But it is not mandatory.  We recommend you to fill these as it helps to keep your account more secure.  After completing all the required information, click on the Next button.


Note: The phone number you have provided for your Google account will not be shared by Google to any other companies for marketing purposes.  The phone number is usually taken by Google to synchronize the photos, contacts and to keep your Google account and Gmail clean from spammers, abuse and bots.


After completing the above step, you will be directed to the welcome page where you will be informed that your Google Registration is successful.

That’s it.

Your Google account is ready to go. You can check your emails with Gmail, socialize with G+ and watch videos on YouTube along with using other wonderful services of Google.


How to use Google products from your new Google account


Log in to your new Google account and go to the top right corner of the screen and click on the menu icon which looks like a keypad. On clicking this a popup menu opens up displaying the Google products icons.  The most popular Ones are like Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Play are listed first. The other additional Google services are listed below this.


You can see a More button below the pop-up menu and on clicking this button, another pop-up window opens up showing some more Google products like Google Docs, Books, Blogger, Hangouts, Keep, Classroom, Earth and Saved.  Even more button at the bottom of this pop-up screen opens up other Google product list page.  You can also use Google support to look for further information on the corresponding product. There is a Bell icon next to the keypad icon at the top right corner of the Google screen.  This is where you receive notification.  You can see a gear icon at the top of the popup box. Click on this to access your settings area.


You can upload your profile photo to Google account which will be seen on the top of the screen. Just click on the profile photo to open up a popup Box with your Google information on it which can be a quick way to access your Google account.  Multiple Google accounts can also be added to a single Google account.


Google products offer very powerfull and vast features.  Start using them and you will find out that they are user-friendly.


What are the top Google Products, Tools and Services?


According to Alexa traffic stats of, the top 5 Google products that get the maximum number of visitors are Google search, Gmail, Google accounts, Google Docs, and Google Drive.


Other products that follow the top list are Google Plus, Google Maps, Google Translate, Google AdWords, Google News, and others.


If you are a tech-savvy person you must have used a majority of Google’s products and services. The commonly used Google products are Google search, Google Drive, Image search or Google Docs.  Here is a list of Google’s most popular and also useful products probably you don’t know. If you have not tried any of these, try them out and be more productive.


Google search engine

Google Search engine is the most popular search engine in the world.  Websites get all the search engine traffic from this. Google search engine has become an integral part of modern life and we cannot even imagine life without Google.


Google Chrome

This is a popular web browser developed by Google and it has captured the Internet world surpassing the long-time popular Mozilla Firefox.  The loading speed of Chrome is simply amazing and it has got a simple interface. This made the web browser most popular in a very short time. Extensions to the Chrome browser can be downloaded from Chrome web store. Chrome is available for Windows, Linux OS X, Android, and IOS. To Mark 10th anniversary of Chrome browser, Google rolled out a refreshing look to the browser with softer and rounder look with interesting new features.



Gmail is the best email service developed by Google. Gmail comes with 15 GB storage including Google Drive, Google Plus and photos. It is very easy to manage emails with the best features offered by Gmail.



Android has captured the smartphone market to become the most popular mobile operating system.  It is a Linux based mobile OS by Google.  Now wearable devices, televisions, tablets and even some cars run on Android.  You can download an innumerable number of apps from the Google Play Store to make your life easy and organized.



This is the most popular video watching service by Google. YouTube was primarily created by PayPal employees. Google took over YouTube in 2006. You can watch videos on YouTube as well as upload videos.  Many video bloggers have made YouTube a stream of income.


Google Maps

Google Maps is a very popular product as you can see the maps and street view of any part of the world. Google Maps are extensively used on the smartphones.


Google Drive

Google offers A 15 GB of cloud storage which is shared by Google Drive, Gmail, and photos. You can synchronize the data on all your devices and if required, additional storage space can be purchased.



AdSense is an online advertisement by Google.  This program shows videos, text, and images on the publisher’s website.  If someone clicks on an advertisement, then the publisher will earn money.


Google News

You can find all category news items like sports, world, science, technology etc.  Google News collects various news sites titles and aggregates that in one place.  It is available in 28 languages 60 countries.


Google Plus

This is a popular social networking site. Google launched this in 2011. Hangout feature provided by Google Plus is very popular and 10 people can video conference together using Hangout.


Google Docs

This is one of the best product from Google and this is integrated into Google Drive. This is actually an office suite, by using which you can create and edit documents presentations and spreadsheet right from your Google Drive.



This is one of the earliest blog publishing platforms.  One can generate revenue by writing content on blogger.


Google books

This is a service which searches books from Google’s digital database.  Google has scanned books and converted it into text using OCR (optical character recognition) and stored it in its digital database.


Google Translate

This is the best special services offered by Google.  By using this you can translate text from one language to another.  A browser extension for Firefox and Chrome is also available.


Google Analytics

This is a free tool by Google to understand your customers better you can analyze data for your business in one place.



Dart is an object-oriented general-purpose programming language developed by Google. This is used to build web, server, and mobile application.


Google Allo

This is a smart messaging app which comes along with Google assistant. Huge emoji, smart reply, and clean UI are some of the features of Google Allo.


Google assistant

This is your own personal assistant from Google for your smartphone. Ask questions to search on google, or to find places, or to tell meaning of a word and tell it to set alarm, it is always ready to help.  You can use your phone simply by using voice commands.


Google bookmarks

This is an online service that helps you save your favorite sites add comments and attacks labels you can also check out bookmark manager


Zygote body (formerly Google body)

This is a zygote media group you can explore a 3D anatomical model of the body remove several years some muscle tissue to blood vessels are you can make it transparent for the better study of individual body parts


Google Chromecast

Chromecast is a simple device by using which you can stream video from your mobile device to TV.  You can even cast from your chrome browser to the big screen of the television.


Google classroom

This is designed to keep classes organized and help teachers improve communication with students. This service streamlines the process of sharing files between teachers and students.


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